"Amici Cipriani De Rore" was enthousiastically founded by a group of volunteers who have a passion for De Rore's music. The "Amici" wants to be a platform for everybody who's interested in the composer Cypriaan De Rore and his music.

There are no obligations entailed to the membership of "Amici". To be a member, means to support the idea that De Rore has contributed to polyphonic music in such an extraordinary way that it should not be forgotten.

The idea first came about in the Werkgroep De Rore in Ronse, the composers birthplace. It is not our aim to be just a regional organisation, rather to give the "Amici Cipriani De Rore" an international working ground.

One of our main objectives is to bring alive De Rore's music in historical appropriate conditions and with the best of knowledge. So it is also necessary to attract educated people like musicians, who put high interest in the correct execution of De Rore's music and who are not discouraged by the necessary search for documentation. We also want to attain musicologists, who can help in this search and contribute to a historic inspired performance.

To engage these knowledged people is very important for our foundation.

At last, we should not forget that De Rore was not the only polyphonic composer, but others proceeded (Josquin Desprez) or followed (Monteverdi) him. We want to honour their musical inheritance as well.


If you want to support our organisation by becoming an "Amicus Cipriani De Rore" (*), you need to contact the organisation (see Contact).

Send us your references (address, telephonenumber, e-mail, …), so we can keep you informed of our activities, concerts, …

The membership includes no obligations and you can be a member on personal or organisational basis.

Last but not least …

The webpage contains a Memberslist with an overview of all the Amici. Your references will only be added with your permission. If you have a webpage that might be interesting, you may report it too.

If you change your references our you want to withdraw your permission, contact us and the changes will be added.

(*) " Amicus" is the Latin word for "friend". "Amicus Cipriani De Rore" = " Friend of Cyriaan De Rore”



Jan Leconte
Cultuurbeleidscoördinator Stad Ronse
Coördinator Cultuurcentrum De Ververij Ronse
Wolvestraat 37
9600 Ronse 
Tel.: +32 55 23 27 94

e-mail : jleconte[at]

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