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'Di Manoli Blessi Il Primo Libro delle Greghesche con la musicha disopra, composta da diversi autori, a quatro, a cinque, a sei, a sette,& a otto voci, novamente per Antonio Gardano con ogni diligentia stampati & dat in luce.'

({RISM} - 1564_16)

Editer/printer : Gardano, A (Venetië, 1564)

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  • Is also described as: {Lewis_3} - 335 : CANTO (ALTO, TENORE, BASSO, QVINTO) | DI MANOLO BLESSI | IL PRIMO LIBRO DELLE GREGHESCHE | Con la Musicha disopra, composta da diuersi Autori, a Quatro, a Cinque, a Sei, a Sette, | & a Otto voci, Nouamente per Antonio Gardano C ..., 1564 (#W:1)

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    1. A Wn : Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ehem.K. K. Hofbibliothek), Vienna (Austria) - (bron: RISM)
    Scores: S, A, T, B, 5 mq. F. 1-8

    2. GB-Lbm : British Museum, London (United Kingdom) - (bron: RISM)
    Scores: A, T

    Works of C. De Rore in this source :

    Following: Fenlon, Iain (1999) :

    Following: Meier, Bernardus (1971) :
    . No. 1 : Madonn'hormai, 4vv (Madrigaal) - [1, 0 Refs., , +T] (Greghesca)


    'The collection Di Manoli Blessi Il primo libro delle Greghesche is the work of the well-known poet Antonio Molino (pseudonym Manoli Blessi). He wrote in a made-up language, a mixture of Venetian dialect and elements of Greek that was given the name of ‘greghesca’. The volume contains music set for four to eight parts. Most of the composers whose works are found there belonged to the highest level of Venetian musical life at that time and were requested by Molino to set his texts to music. Their greghesche first refer to simpler and more popular genres with their chordal and homophonic style and repetitive structures, and then go on to adopt the refined style of the contemporary Italian madrigal.' (etcetera records)

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    1 : RISM - B/1 - Recueils Imprimés XVIe - XVIIe siècles - I. Liste Chronologique. (Henle Verlag, G., München - Duisburg, 1960, RISM) - p.250
    : Format : 5 vol. In 4° obl., 22 f.
    With works of V. Bellhaver, Bertoldo (Sper' in Dio), F. Bonaldi, G. Fiesco, A. Gabrieli (6), Grisonio, G. Guami, C. Merulo (2), A. Padovano (3), C. Porta, G. Renaldi (2), C da Rore, G. Schiavetti (2), B. Spontoni, P. Taglia, Yvo de Vento, P. Vergelli, J. Wert, Adriano Willaert, Alvise Willaert.

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