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'{Census} - EdinU 64'

({Census} - EdinU 64)

1557, circa - (source: ElliottCM)

Libraries where this source can be found :
1. GB-Eu : University Library, Edinburgh (United Kingdom) - (bron: Census)

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References with citation/comment:

1 : Census-Catalogue of Manuscript Sources of Polyphonic Music 1400-1550 (CC) Volume I (A-J) (American Institute of Musicology (AIM), Hänssler-Verlag, D-7303 Neuhausen-Stuttgart, 1979, Census) - p.203-204
: 'MS 64 (olim Db.I.7) ("Dunkeld Antiphony"); (Rore/Willaert)-1'
(Ashwell)-1, (Certon)-4, (Gombert/Wilder [Philippes])-1, (Jaquet of Mantua)-3, (Josquin)-1, (Lupi)-4, (Rore/Willaert)-1, (Sermisy)-1, anon-3
Note: ‘(Rore/Willaert)-1’ means (following Census-Catalogue, Vol I, p. XX): the piece is anonymous in this manuscript; it is attributed to De Rore in some other source(s), but to Willaert in still others.

References without citation:

2 : Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM) (Oxford, 1998-) - p.Webpage EdinU 64

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