De Rore : Discography

'La musique des grands peintres: Léonard de Vinci'


Type : CD

Label: Muza - AL/EN 2005 P 2 (2005 ?)

Performers :
- Ensemble Tempus est Iocundum
- Johny Fritz (Dirigent)
- Giovanni Notarantonio (Recitant)

Work of C. De Rore:
- Track 14 : Alla dolce ombra - Non vide il mondo - Un lauro mi diffese - Pero piu ferm'ogn'hor - Selve sassi campagne - Tanto mi piacque, 4vv (Madrigaal) - [6, 3 Refs., , +Tne]

- This CD is a compilation of older interpretations from other labels completed with original interpretations, some of music of De Rore. First a n extract of a poem of Petrarca is heard after which a composition of De Rore is heard in an instrumental interpretation. The tracknumber of it is 14 although the booklet and the cd-box give erroneous tracknumbers. (after Serge De Man 2008-08-28)

Nb.: Information concerning this cd/lp received from Serge De Man.

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