Owens, Jessie Ann : Music and Meaning in Cipriano De Rore's Setting of 'Donec gratus eram tibi'

in : Music and Language - Studies in the History of Music., I, 95-117.

This source is completely devoted to De Rore.
Mentions works of De Rore :

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- Owens, Jessie Ann : Cipriano De Rore (The New Grove) (Owens, Jessie Ann (2001))
- Schiltz, Katelijne : Rore, Rorus, Cipriano, Ciprianus, de (MGG) (Schiltz, Katelijne (19992007))

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Cites the following works of De Rore

1 : Donec gratus eram tibi, 8vv (Motet) - [1, 4 Refs., , +Tnfe]

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