Johnson, Alvin Harold : The Liturgical Music of Cipriano de Rore

Yale University Press, 1954

Unpublished Ph. D. disseration

This source is completely devoted to De Rore.

Reference mentioned in :

- Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology-Online (DDM) ( :
Ph.D., History of Music, Yale University, 1954. 353 p. DDM Code: 31luJohA; DA no.: 28/03:1095; RILM no.: UM no.: 67-11,469
- Owens, Jessie Ann : Cipriano De Rore (The New Grove) (Owens, Jessie Ann (2001))
- Schiltz, Katelijne : Rore, Rorus, Cipriano, Ciprianus, de (MGG) (Schiltz, Katelijne (19992007))

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