The music of Cipriano De Rore

Itala quae cecidit - Una tibi floret

A. Type: Motet
B. Number of voices: 5vv
Ct. Text: (with translation in Dutch English) : Read

E. To be found in the following score sources:

following: Lewis, Mary S. (1988) :
- 1544 : {Lewis_1} - 56 : 'RORE. MOT. A 5 LIB. I'

following: Meier, Bernardus (1959) :
- 1544 : {RISM} - 1544_06 : 'Cipriani musici eccelentissimi cum quibusdam aliis doctis authoribus motectorum nunc primum maxima diligentia in lucem exeuntem Liber primus quinque vocum.'

F. Modern score:

See 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol I : Motets' : p.7

  • Contents of this volume of Meier
  • American Institute of Musicology : Uitgave De Rore (B. Meier)

    I. Incipit: M_1_7.jpg Source: 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia', American Institute of Musicology

    L. References:

    References with citation/remark:

    1 : Meier, Bernardus, Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol I : Motets (American Institute of Musicology (AIM), 1959)
    - p.III : 'Katabasis is used in the introductory imitations of Itala qua cecidit, and moreover the melismatic, descending melodie line of pluet (In Domino confido, bars 101-103) should probably be interpreted in the same way.'

    References without citation:

    2 : Meier, Bernardus, Staatskompositionen von Cyprian de Rore (, 1969)
    in : Tijdschrift van de Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, 21, p 81-118
    - p.83

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