The music of Cipriano De Rore

Ave Regina coelorum, Mater Regis

A. Type: Motet
B. Number of voices: 7vv
Ct. Text: (with translation in Dutch English) : Read

E. To be found in the following score sources:

following: Collins Judd, Cristle (2000) :
- 1560, circa ) (source: OwensM) : {Census} - ModE C.314 : '{Census} - ModE C.314'

following: Meier, Bernardus (1975) :
- 1559 : BSB B(1 (1559) : 'BSB B(1 (1559)'

F. Modern score:

See 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol VI : Motets' : p.95

  • Contents of this volume of Meier
  • American Institute of Musicology : Uitgave De Rore (B. Meier)

    I. Incipit: M_6_95.jpg Source: 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia', American Institute of Musicology

    J. Discography:

    1 - ' Cipriano de Rore : Ancor che col partire ' : [sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, counter-tenors, tenors, basses] , Cappella Mediterranea, Choeur de Chambre de Namur, Doulce Mémoire, Vox Luminis, Clematis, L'Achéron, Bernard Foccroulle, Jean Tubéry, Juliette Perret, Paulin Bündgen, Jérémie Papasergio, Marie Bournisien, Quito Gato, Miguel Henry, Lionel Desmeules (Ricercar)
    2 - ' Cipriano de Rore : Missa Praeter Rerum Seriem (Tallis Scholars, 1994) , The Tallis Scholars, Peter Philips (Gimell)
    3 - ' Cipriano de Rore : Missa Praeter Rerum Seriem (The Tallis Scholars, 2001) , The Tallis Scholars, Peter Philips (Gimell)
    4 - ' Cipriano de Rore : Missa Vivat Felix Hercules - Motets , Weser Renaissance, Manfred Cordes (CPO)
    5 - ' Cipriano de Rore : Motets Sacres et Profanes (Weser Renaissance) , Weser Renaissance, Manfred Cordes (CPO)
    6 - ' Cipriano De Rore : Sacred Sounds (Currende) , Currende, Erik Van Nevel (Warner Classics)

    Jr. Radio:

    1 - ' Klara 2006-09-22 : Huelgas Ensemble - Concert - Lassus en De Rore , Huelgas Ensemble (-)

    L. References:

    References with citation/remark:

    1 : Owens, Jessie Ann, Cipriano De Rore (The New Grove) (, 2001)
    in : Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The New -, (NG), Second Edition (published in twenty-nine volumes in the year 2001), Edited by Stanley Sadie, Executive Editor John Tyrell, (2001) : 'As in his madrigals, de Rore’s preferred ensemble was for five voices, the majority of which employ low clefs or low equal voices. The six- and seven-voice pieces are the special, large-scale antiphon settings employing two or three voices in canon that frame the Munich manuscript: Descendi at the beginning, Hodie Christus natus es, Ave regina caelorum, and Quem vidistis at the end.'

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