The music of Cipriano De Rore

Missa ‘Vous ne l'aurez pas'

A. Type: Mis
B. Number of voices: 5vv

E. To be found in the following score sources:

following: Bernstein, Jane A. (1998) :
- {Bernstein} - 148 : 'Jacquet of Mantua, Secondo libro de le messe a cinque voci'

following: Meier, Bernardus (1966) :
- 1555 : {RISM} - 1555_01 : 'Il secondo libro de le Messe a cinque voci. Composte da Jachet da Mantoa musicho eccel. E maestro della Capella del Domo di Mantoa. Messa prima sopra Rex Babilonis. Messa seconda sopra La Fede unque debbe esser corrotta. Messa terza sopra Ego sum Ippolito Cyera. Messa quarta Cipriano Rhore a voci pari. Musicha non più stampat. Novamente correte et poste in luce.'

F. Modern score:

See 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol VII : Missae' : p.1

  • Contents of this volume of Meier
  • American Institute of Musicology : Uitgave De Rore (B. Meier)

    H. Content:

  • Missa ‘Vous ne l'aurez pas' : 1 Kyrie, 5vv (Misdeel) - [0, 0 Refs., , +Tne]
  • Missa ‘Vous ne l'aurez pas' : 2 Gloria, 5vv (Misdeel) - [0, 0 Refs., , +Tnfe]
  • Missa ‘Vous ne l'aurez pas' : 3 Credo, 5vv (Misdeel) - [0, 0 Refs., , +Tnfe]
  • Missa ‘Vous ne l'aurez pas' : 4 Sanctus, 5vv (Misdeel) - [0, 0 Refs., , +Tne]
  • Missa ‘Vous ne l'aurez pas' : 5 Agnus Dei, 5vv (Misdeel) - [0, 0 Refs., , +Tne]

  • L. References:

    References with citation/remark:

    1 : Owens, Jessie Ann, Cipriano De Rore (The New Grove) (, 2001)
    in : Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The New -, (NG), Second Edition (published in twenty-nine volumes in the year 2001), Edited by Stanley Sadie, Executive Editor John Tyrell, (2001) : 'The earliest mass, Missa Vous ne l’aurez pas, is of doubtful attribution. Based on an unidentified model, possibly a lost Josquin six-voice chanson or a reworking by Willaert, it occurs in only one source, Scotto’s 1555 edition of Jachet masses (1555_1), as ‘a voci pari’ and ‘vus ne larez’. It is incomplete, lacking part of the Sanctus and Agnus, and seems to have been included to fill out the print'

    References without citation:

    2 : Meier, Bernardus, Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol VIII : Psalmi, Cantica B.M.V., Cantiones Gallicae, etc (American Institute of Musicology (AIM), 1977)
    - p.XI

    3 : Abraham, Gerald, The New Oxford History of Music, IV, The age of humanism; 1540-1630 (Oxford University Press, London, New York, Toronto, 1968)
    - p.288, 290-291

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