The music of Cipriano De Rore

Beatus vir

A. Type: Vesper psalm
B. Number of voices: 4vv

E. To be found in the following score sources:

following: Meier, Bernardus (1977) :
- {Meier_VIII} - Stg 29 : 'Stuttgart manuscript, Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Cod. Mus. Fol. I 29'
- 1554 : {RISM} - 1554_17 : 'I sacri e santi Salmi di David profeta, ce si cantano nella Santa Romana Chiesa all'hora di Vespero, in canto figurato. Composti da li eccellentissimi musici, Cipriano Rhore, e Iachet da Mantoa. Con li suoi Magnificat a uno choro. A versi a quatro voci, novamente post' in luce & con somma diligentia stampati & corretti.'

F. Modern score:

See 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol VIII : Psalmi, Cantica B.M.V., Cantiones Gallicae, etc' : p.7

  • Contents of this volume of Meier
  • American Institute of Musicology : Uitgave De Rore (B. Meier)

    I. Incipit: M_8_7.jpg Source: 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia', American Institute of Musicology

    L. References:

    References with citation/remark:

    1 : Meier, Bernardus, Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol II : Madrigali 5 vocum (American Institute of Musicology (AIM), 1963)
    - p.III : 'Effective use is made of the juxtaposition of high and low tonal levels, for instance in bars 133 ff. of the motet Beatus homo, or at the words eruperunt abyssi, where the soprano descends suddenly into the plagal reaches of what has hitherto been an authentic mode. In the following section et nubes rore concrescunt, the opening imitation moves again within the limits of the authentic mode, though it obviously prefers its higher notes.'

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