Coluzzi, Seth J. : Black sheep:The Phrygian Mode and a Misplaced Madrigal in Marenzio's Seventh Book (1595)

in : The Journal of Musicology (JofM), Vol. 30, Nr. 2, Spring 2013, p. 129-179

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1 : Altiero sasso lo cui gioco spira, 5vv (Madrigaal) - [2, 5 Refs., , +Tne]
- p. 133-134 : 'Rore's 'Altiero sasso lo cui gioco spira' serves as the first representation of the Phrygian mode in his modally ordered Madrigali a cinque voci of 1542 and thereby exemplifies what (as far as we know) would at the time have been considered considered a true and lucid representation of mode 3.'

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