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Mancini, Donato : Plange quasi virgo, motet : Composition Description

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1 : Plange quasi virgo - Accingite vos, 5vv (Motet) - [3, 2 Refs., , +Tfe]
- : : Plange quasi virgo : 'The two composers responsible for first elevating the Italian madrigal to the height of humanistic renaissance arts were Cipriano de Rore and Adrian Willaert. On Rore's side, it's his intense seriousness and his uncompromising and moody way that made the transformation possible. One of the things he did was apply the polyphonic methods of solemn Franco-Flemish church music to the madrigal form. Plange quasi virgo is a sacred motet that shows him pouring out his subjective griefs through a traditional musical mode. It therefore directly illuminates the source of his madrigal style. Like Michelangelo, to whom Rore has been compared, he was able to perfectly manifest the unique qualities of his talent and character in essentially traditional forms. So this motet, which begs listeners to weep for the world like the Virgin Mary wept for her dead Jesus, is better heard as a highly personal, completely subjective cry directly from Rore's soul. With his free-minded, ever-changing polyphony and his developed use of tonality as an architectural element, he makes a very powerful, individualized statement of Plange quasi virgo'

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