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Feeney, Ann : Calami sonum ferentes : Composition Description

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1 : Calami sonum ferentes, 4vv (Motet) - [11, 14 Refs., , +Tnfe]
- : : Calami sonum ferentes : 'This is one of the most unusual works of Renaissance vocal writing, and later a highly influential one, especially as it serves as almost a compedium of techniques of vocal writing. The text is a Latin poem describing how nothing can remove sorrow from the poet's heart, not the sound of music or the sounds of nature. The gloom of the text is vividly reflected in the music, right from the beginning. The piece starts with a chromatic entry in the bass line, and so the listener expects the next voice to come in at a higher pitch, but instead, another bass enters, followed by yet another bass, and then a fourth. (Occasionally the work is sung by three basses and one baritone.) The voices largely imitate one another, but in the middle of the work there is a section of more chordal writing, and also a very striking sudden monophony. The entire work is peppered with chromaticism, which, coupled with the unrelenting gloom of the four bass voices, makes this work as unsettling as some of Gesualdo's works'

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