Amati-Camperi, Alexandra : Poetic form in the early madrigal reconsidered

in : Journal of Musicological Research, Volume 17, Issue 3 1998 , pages 163 - 193

Abstract :
'The composers of the early madrigal used a wide variety of textual forms for their compositions, and treated them in a comparably wide variety of ways. While a lot has been written and said about what kind of poetry was chosen, especially as compared with other genres such as the indigenous frottola and the French chanson, not much as been done to coherently classify the form of this poetry. In the present essay each fixed form is studied in turn (ballata, canzone, sonnet, and so forth), as is the free 16th-century madrigale. I then propose a system to categorize the texts that fall in-between ballata and canzone and the free madrigale, placing these hybrid texts on a continuum, their relative position being based on how many and which characteristics of the fixed form they have and lack.'

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