La musique de Cipriano De Rore

Lieta vivo e contenta

A. Type: Madrigaal
B. Nombre de voix: 6vv
Ct. Texte: : Lire

E. Se trouve dans les sources de partitions suivantes:

suivant: Meier, Bernardus (1971) :
- 1591 : {RISM} - 1591_23 : 'La ruzina canzone di Filippo de Monte, insieme un altr'a di Cipriono de Rore, et altri madrigali de diversi famosissimi autori à ei voci. Novamente stampata e data in luce.'

F. Partition moderne:

See 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia, Vol V : Madrigali 3-8 vocum' : p.136

  • Contenu de cette volume de Meier
  • American Institute of Musicology : Uitgave De Rore (B. Meier)

    I. Incipit: M_5_136.jpg Source: 'Meier, Bernardus : Cipriani Rore Opera Omnia', American Institute of Musicology

    J. Discographie:

    1 - ' I Fiammingi in Italia - Italian madrigals by flemish composers , The Song Compay, Roland Peelman, Tommie Andersson (ABC Classics)

    K. Remarques:

    cf I-MOe C.311

    L. Références:

    Références avec citation/commentaire:

    1 : Owens, Jessie Ann, Cipriano De Rore (The New Grove) (, 2001)
    in : Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The New -, (NG), Second Edition (published in twenty-nine volumes in the year 2001), Edited by Stanley Sadie, Executive Editor John Tyrell, (2001) : 'cf I-Moe C.311)

    2 : Owens, Jessie Ann, Mode in the Madrigals of Cipriano de Rore. (, 1990)
    in : Charteris, Richard : Altro Polo, Essays on Italian Music in the Cinquecento, p. 1-16 (1989)
    - p.10 n.4 : 'This Appendix excludes 13 madrigals whose authenticity can be questioned because they are also attributed to other composers, appear in late or suspicious sources, or seem uncharacteristic in style. The madrigals are: 'Quando lieta sperai', 'A che con nuovo laccio', 'Volgend'al ciel', 'Deh horfoss'io', 'Spesso in parte del ciel', 'Chi vol veder tutta', 'Non mi toglia il ben mio', 'A che più strali', 'Se qual è'l mio dolore', 'Che giova dunque', 'Alme gentili', 'Lieta vivo e contenta', 'S'eguale a la mia voglia'. Met Appendix verwijst J.A. Owens naar Appendix : Madrigals of Cipriano De Rore op p.12-15 in haar artikel.'

    3 : Einstein, Alfred, The Italian Madrigal (vertaald naar het Engels door Alexander H. Krappe, Roger H. Sessions en Oliver Strunk) (Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1949)
    - p.422 : 'As late as 1591, twenty-five years after Rore's death, the Venetian physician (medico fisico) and poet Orazio Guargante published, together with a canzone by Filippo di Monte, a six-voiced madrigal and a quadripartite canzone, likewise for six voices, by Rore: Lieta vivo e contenta, and S'equal a la mia voglia .. the canzone, as he puts it, del Maestro de' Maestri M. Ciprian Rore, non più veduta nè udita. He does not explain how he obtained possession of the .MSS, and it seems to me probable that he was the victim of a fraud. For the two works, though undoubtedly written in the 'fifties, both in the misura di breve, have few characteristic features: the madrigal is distinguished only by its strongly accented homophonic declamation; the canzone, with its short stanzas (A-B-c-c'-B'-A'), only by an impressive inflection toward A-flat major (F minor) in the final section. [. . .]'

    Références sans citation:

    4 : Borgerding, Todd, Gender, Sexuality, and Early Music (Routledge , 2002) , ISBN: 0815333943, ISBN-13: 978-0815333944
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